9 invited talks (45 minutes)

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  • Information Physics : The  New Frontier,  K. H. Knuth
  • Entropic Inference as the Foundation of Physics,  Ariel Caticha
  • Geometric and Topological Invariants of the Hypothesis Space, Carlos Rodriguez
  • Three-dimensional visualization and identification of objects in photon starved scenes using statistical estimation,
    Bahram  Javidi
  • Information theory of quantum systems and its applications to D-dimensional hydrogenic systems, Rydberg atoms and molecular technology,    Jesus Sanchez-Dehesa
  • Bayesian inference with spikes. Implication for the neural code, sensory processing and working memory, Sophie Deneve
  • Advice on “Computational Methods for Bayesian Model Choice”,  John  Skilling
  • Spectral Design in Markov Random Fields,  Ken Sauer
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